About the project

The project "Green jobs for young professionals" points to a new trend - the development of the "green" economy and the raising new social and economic needs. The inefficient and abusive use of natural resources, environmental pollution and rapidly growing world's population, require the development of new technologies, services and processes to address these environmental issues. Global economies and international organizations are working for sustainable change in the attitude of business and society regarding these problems.

The termin "green jobs" is already widely defused in many countries. The companies define their working positions as "green" according the type and the profile of the candidates. There are also programs and courses for specialization in the universities that aim to meet the needs of the market and to prepare professionals for the emerging "green jobs" sector in fields as energy efficiency, sustainable development, green energy, waste and pollution etc..

The project objectives are directly related to the development of "green" economy (in particularly "green jobs") and especially to the promotion of professional development and awareness of young people who would like to develop their careers in that innovative sector.


Project research
In October 2013, important research and analysis will be conducted to assess the professional expectations, needs and goals of students and young professionals from specific “green” oriented degrees in Bulgarian universities, as well as research regarding the opportunities and expectations in the labor market upon their successful graduation.                                                                         

Career event for Green jobs                                      
In November 2013 a career event for green jobs will be conducted and it will provide available green job opportunities in the Bulgarian companies. There will be placed a workshop which will give you the chance to choose a green Master program and also companies will meet directly students studying “green” disciplines.