Green Business Network | Bulgaria is a business club dedicated to the Sustainable Business Growth and will provide regular meetings for networking and partnership to its members. Within 5 business breakfasts Green Business Network will bring together key representatives from the business, the NGO sector, and the national and European / international institutions. The progressively growing global green economy creates a need for establishment of communication platform to promote this global trend and contribute to the process of recognition and embracement of the concept of sustainable economic growth by individuals, institutions and the Bulgarian society overall as the way towards a green and sustainable future with new business perspectives, eco-conscious companies and customers, green jobs and novel markets.

Mission and goals:

The mission of the Green Business Network is to contribute to the creation of a community of resource conscious-business that shares common understanding and vision for the development of the Bulgarian economy and society.

The objective of the Club is to provide a venue for promoting the good examples of local and global green business models, and to initiate dialogue and networking of high level representatives of companies that are leaders on the Bulgarian market, policy makers and NGOs to outline a shared long term sustainable development vision for positioning of the country on the global "green" business map.

Main topics of the meetings envisaged:

  • "Mapping" of the ecosystem - what is the current status of the "green" business in the country, who are the main stakeholders and barriers in front of the development of the sector;
  • Opening new horizons – forecasting, investment trends, tools in favour of business and policy;
  • Work in favour of the eco-system: Create conditions for a flourishing networking, for strengthening the green community and thus influence favourably the environment-conscious eco-system supporters in Bulgaria.

The focus of the meetings will cover three levels: international (Global and European trends and best practices), regional ("green" business in the context of partnerships with CEE countries) and national (successful sustainable models in Bulgaria).

Members and guests of the Green Business Network are:

  • CEO executives of large Bulgarian companies in different fields of activity
  • Presidents of NGOs, chambers of commerce, foreign missions and embassies
  • Representatives of public and regional authorities at national and European level


The meetings of the Green Business Network will be held in Sofia Airport Centre - Office Building A2 – awarded with a prize “Building of the year for 2012” in the category "Green Buildings".


22nd of February | 11th of April | 16th July | 24th October | December



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